Newsletter – 03 April 2020

Overnight time recording

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  • Overnight time recording
Overnight time recording

We are always pleased about constructive customer feedback. Outside their “normal operations”, some of our customers sometimes work overnight and then have a work entry that extends beyond one day. Please read for yourself how easy this time recording is for you and what other features we have implemented in the Danielle Software.

We have developed the following innovations for you:

Personnel File

According to current estimates, there are about 100,000 intersexuals living in Germany, where, in addition to numerous other countries, the Civil Status Act has been extended to include the gender entry “diverse”. We have been rewriting our job advertisements accordingly for some time now. The third entry has now been added to the “Gender” field in the personnel file in the Danielle Software. Additionally, all emails sent from the Danielle Software are gender neutral.

Now you can also register your employees in the third gender!

Time Recording

Do you work overnight or in shifts and need to enter your working times beyond one day? You can continue to record your times as usual via the application, the chatbot “Danielle Talk” or the time recording terminal. If at the end of work the day of the recording is not the same as at the start of work, this day is written next to the time and the total amount is entered in your time recording in one entry (as recorded). The times are split per day in the working time account. You do not need to take anything else into account in the recording.

Record your working times beyond the day!